Sunday, December 17, 2006

Chairman of the Bored

Everyone has bloggs and I LURVES IT !!! Lets all welcome Haley to the world of bitching on the internet. That is all I use my blog for. Bitchin'.
Hey it's what I do. Don't try to change me.

Last night was Stu's work Christmas party. It was ok. I didn't win anything and the food wasn;t that great. But I fed his bosses dog like 4 dinner rolls and there was on open bar, of which I took full advantage.

The only thing that really bugged was they had some non-drinker as the bartender. While I have always been an advocate of drinking responsibly, you should atleast know the difference between rum and whiskey. Cause I am pretty sure that CROWN is not RUM, HELLO. But it is ok, because you know me. I just took over bartending and whipped up some Tom Collins. Which were a hit.

Then we almost died seven times coming down Parley's because it was a full on white out blizzard.

Today I am going to totally finish all of my Christmas shopping. Jealous ? I think so.

This is so boring. I am depressed. Nothing interesting has been happening.

Colie needs to stop hooking up with Alex. It isn't going to work. GIVE IT UP. He doesn't love you. Mr. Emo just likes to get it on. Has anyone noticed that everyone on the Real World some how contracts Multiple Personality Disorder. Lets examine the evidence: Moo Ja Star, Leroy Jenkins,Dark Kent, and Mr. Emo. Get these fuckers some help, like now. And don't even get me started on Paula. She don't got jokes, she got problems.

Well if something exciting happens to me I will let you know, but at the rate things have been going don't count on it.

p.s. I saw Nick Carter on E today, and he had steps. I am just saying.


alexbealady said...

eck least we have the ugly sweater partaaaay to look forward to!

Matt said...

I am going to go out on a limb and say that steps work for some people, but I agree that Nick Carter should just stay home.

Jessica said...

Nick Carter is a puncher. Ask anyone who isn't afraid to talk about it.

I think I may chop the sleeves off my Christmas sweater and wear a mullet....thoughts ?

alexbealady said...

nick carter punched me. donkey punched. i aint scurred to talk about it.

Matt said...

I hope for Christmas Stuart gets you a Dick In A Box.

alexbealady said...

i am sick to DEAF of all this no-updatesy stuff! what the eff am i sposedta do at work all night? hm? it's christmassss for christ's saaaake!