Monday, December 4, 2006

The Roof The Roof The Roof is on Fire!

That right ya'll. I am burning through my homework faster that a skank at a fraternity party. Well not really. I kind of just told a lie. I wrote a 10 page paper and created a sweet presentation on the power point though. I still have lots to do. The Marriot Library gets creepsies at night. Wierdos be hanging out hurr. This one girl behind me apparently thinks that he constant farting is not a disturbance. Well I am here to tell you that it is. Thankfully she is packing up her pencil pouch and hopefully getting her stank ass the hell out of here.
Things that bothered me today: chubbs at the gym wearing only sports bras and no shirts, creeps at the gym walking past my head with thier short shorts all up in my grill when I am lifting weights, chatter box coffee makers at the library store... I just wanted this turkey sandwich can you converse with you beard later sir because it is obvious to me that you don't want to have sex with the womens, the guy in front of me who keeps clicking his freaking pen, and parking in pay parking because I am lazy and too tired to walk. The last one isn't my fault it is 23 degrees outside and that is far to cold to be trapsing around campus for free parking. I could get hypothermia and die.


alexbealady said...

were they loud farts? that is disgusting. the word should be banned from blogs. the act should be banned from li-baries.

i have a jem pencil pouch. how bout u?

Matt said...

Guess what, you are not keeping up on this blog already. Don't neglect it when it's so fragile and new. Just some useful advice from one blawgger to another.

alexbealady said...

he right, you know. he right.

Jessica said...


You are the pot callin' the kettle black. OK.