Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Shame on Shamers Shaming Other Shames

So much to talk about so little to do.

The Dinner Date Night went spectacularly ! Making your own pizza is real easy when you buy all the stuf made and ust throw that shit together. Thats how we do. Alex's appetizers were dangerously delicious. I. Love. Illiteration. Morris also so brought tastiness in the form of Hummus and crackers with Rachael Rays silly face on the box. But I would have to say the big hit of the evening was the group sex with Mark Eaton. He was promiscuous. It isn't his fault ya'll.

He is hot and he knows it. Those short shorts and that sexy facial hair. Who could resist. Not Alex, nor Aaron. Matt did resist his urges but I could see that he wanted him bad. Wanted him like a cookie wants to be dipped in milk.

Finals are done and done. The semester is done and done. You would think that I would have all this extra time. Not. TRUE. Still no time. I am so so bizeeeee these days. I am just a go-go-going. Like any of you care anyways.

Can i continue to talk about a situation that has continued to bother me for the past few days. Lets talk hypothetically. So I have this "friend" she is getting married in June. She is fabulous by the way. Well my "friends" fiance's brother got engaged and is now getting married in the middle of July. You are thinking "oh that is really nice, they are getting married so close". Well stop thinking that asses. NOT NICE!

I have a confession, the friend, its really me. I can not tell a lie. The call me G. Dub.


Am I so wrong to be, well, devastated that someone is planning their wedding within 3 weeks of mine? Who the hell does that ?

'Lets just mosey on in and ruin lives because that's how we do. No one else can have anything special or nice because we are so much more important that everyone else.'

Thanks for not caring about anyone but your selfishness self-centered self loving self. self. self.

I am just sayin', RUDE. Anyways, I have been complaining about this for long enough. But It really does make me sad. Shame on Emo's.

Could someone please call Leroy Jenkins ? I need him to dish out a sweet ass kicking. I hear that is what he is about. I fell like Heidi has his number on speed dial.

ha ha ha, the examples for labels for this post are : scooters, vacation, fall. THCOOTERS !!!! I love scooters. They are so ferfessional.

p.s. I missed Heidi at Dinner Date. I feel like she wasn't working but having bathroom sex with Leroy Jenkins. I am not speculating. I know people.


alexbealady said...

well fuck. how the hell am i sposed to top this shit??

just a note: i think everyone that has ever gotten marriet has had someone try and horn in on their spotlight. i know it's happened to all of my marriet friends, and even KATHY! yes. i know. people are RUDE. the trick is, sabatoge.

Anonymous said...

If that Leroy Jenkins isn't around I personally know Chuck Norris. He's not ashamed to hit a woman.

Heidi said...

Sleeping with Leroy is a job SON! HARD work, but excellent medical benefits, think about it!

alexbealady said...

omg, my mom would DIE to get hit by chuck norris. hook a bitch up.