Saturday, December 2, 2006

Since When Did Psycho's Learn to Read ?

"P-Slams, Pa-Salms, Pslams? How ever you say that, I like to read them. They teach ya how ta pray." Yes ladies and gentlemen this is the actual conversation taking place behind me at the library. Or as I have heard Ms. Pa-Salms say several times: Libary. She has basically blabbed her whole life story including her zodiac sign to thsi total stranger I am sure. Then they proceeded to exchange Jail-House stories. Apparently they have good zodiac signs and the psalms are really treating them right. If they start busting out snakes, I am definitley contacting animal control. AND If the god lovers arent annoying enough, there is some super nerd sitting in my periphial view making shapes with his hands and chattering about angles. Who the hell are these people ? And in the first 30 seconds I sat here I was accosted by a large Russian, who was pissed that I was not her Russian partner. SORRY. I don't speak Russian. Not my thing. But why do you go off on me because your stupid partner is late.

And now..... lets welcome the homeless possee that just parked it on the chairs int he corner. So much homework to much B.O. stank in the room. I am peacin' out of this crazy barn. Serves me right for coming here on a weekend.


alexbealady said...

omg, your life is so eccentric. that's the big city for ya i guess! ugh, i hate people, i could never make it there! at least you have this new bloggy on which to vent about all the uglypoos.

Jessica said...

Thanks for all your support in my break in to the Blog world. You have really tken me under your wing. BTW your BC looks great in your profile pic. Just sayin.

alexbealady said...

erryone needs a blog sponsor. matt was mines.