Friday, December 1, 2006

Talkin' Bout Good News Good News

ha ha ha. sometimes when i try to increase my blog viewage I send an e-mail to my peeps giving them my URL. Try this on for size, bigger size. Apparently links to some sexy natural male enhancement pills. Hey hey ya'll, go a head and super size it.

According to Matt, the authority on Man parts, he says if you loose 35 pounds your Tom Johnson grows and inch. AND INCH. That is like drinking a Gatorade and being able to jump a mile. That is big deal. Tell everyone. And while your tellin people stuff, tell them that I hate Nelly Furtado for her fugly puffy onsie that she wore on So You Think You Can Dance. I know it was back in July, but I am not ready to forgive much less forget.

Also the U of U has these silly commercials with a fancy theme song. It goes something like "From the red rocks to the mountains" blah blah blah. They mixed it with a fast beat probably so the kids would like it. I feel like this blog could really take over my life. I want to blog it all the time. I just like talking. Conan O-Brien is talking about Briteny's Va-jay-jay. Conan is such a ginger. Who is he. Now they are singing a song about britneys "Who-Ha" as they call it. Britney's vag is about to go platinum ya'll. Well at least her kids can't read yet.

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alexbealady said...

those spearserline kids don't need to be able to read to see/rec-o-nize a pic of their momma's vag.

i am officially a jessica's-blog-addict