Sunday, January 28, 2007

If Anyone Tries To Hurt One of My New Friends I Will Hunt Them Down.....

I am disturbed by Alex's Sat-er-deee night experience. As a member of the core I feel like we should stick togetha seeeeee. All I am saying is I am from Ogden. If anyone knows how to kick some ass it sure as hell is me. I will punch, kick, bite (not the nips), punch teeth, pull hair, smack faces, kick butts and knife people. I will do it. I will I will I will.

And maybe we should sign up for a self defense class. Always remeber to SING. Solarplex, Instep, Nose, GROIN. (That groin punch is a killer. Try it sometime !)

So in conclusion I feel like as a member of The Core we should have a motto....any thoughts. Here are some possible group photos, I feel like Cradle To Grave might not be so bad.
Observe:Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

I feel like an apple core with a cape and legs could really go places. I am just sayin'.

This is for Heidi:
Free Image Hosting at
Ludacris. Real Name: Christopher Bridges.

And while we're at it:
Free Image Hosting at
Busta Rhymes. Real Name: Trevor Smith Jr.

And just for shits and giggs:
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X to the Z Xzibit. Real Name:Alvin Nathaniel Joiner.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dirty Driver Thompson

Do it. Do. It.

Do it. Do it.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Go Long For Jesus....

If Mishes were this funny I would have Family Home Evening EVERY NIGHT !!!

P.S. Look at me posting video's ya'll !!

T.R.=Totally Rad

You go Guys/Girls. No more F words mmmmkay. (unless they end in UCK)

A Washcloth Runs Through It......

With a little luck and some sweet skills by my future father-in-law, my drain will flow again. That Kevster can really work a plumbers snake. And thank God, because if I would have had to get my landlord to fix it I would be showering at Matt and Heidi's for weeks.

I feel like I need to create some scandal to spice up my blog. I like scandal. I will think of something.

Maybe something alcohol related.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

In Other News.....

I received MAD props today from my Mass Media Law teach for exercising my free speech rights by blogging it up.

So basically this blog is going to get me an A.

My Country Tis of Theeeeeeee, I write this blogg for theeeeeee!!!

I also mentioned that we blog about RR/RR challenge and who will win...... Someone in the back of the class blurted out "BRAD WILL!!!"

I think that may be Heidi's Soul Mate.

Plunges it.....

So today was pretty much my breaking point. I can handle the freezing bedroom, I can handle the perma-dirty toilet, I can even handle going a day without hot water. I, however, CAN. NOT. handle the washcloth eating bath tub drain.

So I took a bath this morning. Stop right there Judgers. i.e. Matt, Heidi, Alex. You have all done it once in your life and I didn't want to do it but I had to. When I woke up my legs were so tight that I had to walk around on my tippy toes. Yes Tippy Tippy Toes.

After tippy toeing all over the place I made it to the tub and filled her up good. After a nice soak I wanted to rinse off all the dirty bath water. I pulled the plug. Down goes the water, but not before the dirty dirty drain monster slurped up my bitty baby hot green washcloth.

So there I am dirty water naked in the shower and the water stops. So of course I call Stu to the rescue. "Bend a hanger and fish it out" he says. No Me Gusta. Still plugged. So off to good ole Smith Dawgs for handy dandy plunger. It is now 7:05 am and every at Smiths thinks the pajama girl took a giant dook and plugged up her toilet. No so ! Stop judging Mr. 2 liter of Mountain Dew and a Donut. I see keep eating those donuts fatty.

$3.03 later I am on my way back home to get this Plunger to work. By now the water has had a chance to settle and it looks soapier and grosser than ever. So I rolls up my sleeves and I dig right in. I'ma plungin and a plungin and a plungin like I had done it my whole life. Butt crack showing and everything. I figured I needed all the help I could get right ? So after a hard core plunging sesh I am no closer to fixing the prob. Tub still plugged, me still pissed. So I call Stu again, "Call my dad, he will know what to do".

So now I have to call my future father-in-law and explain said sitch to him. He explains that he has a super snake that should solve the problem right quick. So he is coming over tonight to do some major plumbing. I am hoping for the best. I will keep you posted.

My weary legs still hurt so much. I feel like a little dancer tippy toeing all over the place. Sean is a life ruiner. I may have to resort to Ben Gay to relieve my aches and pains. Maybe I can mug a geriatric for some.

ho. hum.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We Got SPIRIT ! Yeah, Yeah We got SPIRIT!

Yous guys ! My pocket watch Teach is wearing cords, a denim tops and a green plaid clip on tie. Can we say Eye Candy ?? He also sang a song today about putting jam on a cat. I know you guys..... I know. He just referred to the pocket watch.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Negative, Negative, NO NO NO.....

Good thing I try to update this stupid blogg and I typed this HILARIOUS post about Fantasia Barrino and then Marcus decided he didn't like that I was bashing Fanty an he froze right up. So thanks Marcus, Thanks alot.

Anyway.....back to Fantasia. Amo and I listened to some sweet cuts from her new CD cleverly named "Fantasia." My personal fav was "Baby Makin' Hips" Fantasia loves all things mommy related. She is also trying to popularize the ward "U" instead of "you". I can't really blame her, being illiterate and all, she probably doesn't know any better. But c'mon you guys, give her a break. She has a giant noggin. I would honestly say she has the biggest face/head in the continental U.S., Perez Hilton comes in a close second. Who are these people with giant melons.

School is back in. What can I say. The seeeeemester is looking promising. One of my Teach's wears a pocket watch. He is really obsessed with time. And I basically managed to take the 3 hardest classes of my college career in the same semester. I am sure I will really enjoy it. Speaking of....we should catch a dinner date with Kitty Kwan. I miss her silliness.

What else....what else...........nothing really. I am sups interested to see if Heidi on the Hills is or is not Preggy. I sure hope she is. Speaking of Preggies, Vanessa Minillo is sure looking like she is cooking a baby in there. Maybe it is just her clothes but I would say she looks knocked up to me. And if she isn't then they should stop dressing her to make it look like she is. Her and Nicky just want to be happyyyyyy. Leav'em ALONE, Gosh.

Today was the best day off ever. I did nothing. Not getting ready until 3 in the afternoon is life changingly wonderful.

I have new bangs. They are sexy. Ask anyone who isn't afraid to talk about it.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Remember Remember the Wiener of December, the boner the balls and the scrot.

Reminiscing of the USE (Ugly Sweater Extravaganza)

Hey, does anyone remeber how HILARIOUS the Alex with wiener pictures are ? I want those pictures posted like yesterday. Do it. Post them. And matt's nightie? I can even stop laughing right now. And then this silly rhyme I made and used the word scrotum. Oh my god, I am dying. DYYYYYIIINNNNGGG !!!!!

Post it. Post it NOW

She had a big ass then, She's got a big ass now.

After a weekend with the fam I sure am exhausted and now I think I am falling ill. Yes I know, when I go on vacation I get sick. Story of my life.

The cabby was fun for the most part, other than a small altercation over the shower it was otherwise uneventful. We just went snowmibiling all over the country ya'll. And I got to play games. Who knew I kick ass at Yhatzee, Yahtzee, what ever it is I am amazing.

Tonight I think I will return some crappy ass presents that i will never use. Stop acting like I am a selfish brat for saying I got a crappy present. Cause you know that you got some too, you are just jealous that I can figure out what shit-tastic store they shit-tastic tacky ass gifts wer purchased. Good news, I am pretty sure my stuff is worth a total of $6. Boo yeah. I am buying socks. Since that is what I asked for anyways.

I am however delighted with my vibrating slipps. Hello battery operated and comfortable. I encourage everyone to invest in a pair. They are totally worth it.

I am off to buy a god damn birthday present for someone I don't even like.

Just an Update: The wedding dress should be here Feb. 4th ! Boo yeah !!!