Sunday, January 28, 2007

If Anyone Tries To Hurt One of My New Friends I Will Hunt Them Down.....

I am disturbed by Alex's Sat-er-deee night experience. As a member of the core I feel like we should stick togetha seeeeee. All I am saying is I am from Ogden. If anyone knows how to kick some ass it sure as hell is me. I will punch, kick, bite (not the nips), punch teeth, pull hair, smack faces, kick butts and knife people. I will do it. I will I will I will.

And maybe we should sign up for a self defense class. Always remeber to SING. Solarplex, Instep, Nose, GROIN. (That groin punch is a killer. Try it sometime !)

So in conclusion I feel like as a member of The Core we should have a motto....any thoughts. Here are some possible group photos, I feel like Cradle To Grave might not be so bad.
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I feel like an apple core with a cape and legs could really go places. I am just sayin'.

This is for Heidi:
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Ludacris. Real Name: Christopher Bridges.

And while we're at it:
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Busta Rhymes. Real Name: Trevor Smith Jr.

And just for shits and giggs:
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X to the Z Xzibit. Real Name:Alvin Nathaniel Joiner.


alexbealady said...

hahaha! i wish you could have heard me elling oh el to this! i am truly touched at your willingness to knife a bitch for me.

i def like cradle to grave.

i am racking my brains trying to remember from which movie/tv program the title of this blog came, please?

alexbealady said...

oh yeah, and you can't say x to the z xzibit without sayin ahAHH afterwards, i feel. hahaha!

Jessica said...

The title of this post was derived from the cinematic masterpiece known as "Miss Congeniality" from the lovely miss Sandra Bullock. Who is now effing Jesse James of West Coast Choppers. Sick.

alexbealady said...

noooow i remember. thx.

Matt said...

She is married to him, unkay, not just f'ing him.