Monday, January 15, 2007

Negative, Negative, NO NO NO.....

Good thing I try to update this stupid blogg and I typed this HILARIOUS post about Fantasia Barrino and then Marcus decided he didn't like that I was bashing Fanty an he froze right up. So thanks Marcus, Thanks alot.

Anyway.....back to Fantasia. Amo and I listened to some sweet cuts from her new CD cleverly named "Fantasia." My personal fav was "Baby Makin' Hips" Fantasia loves all things mommy related. She is also trying to popularize the ward "U" instead of "you". I can't really blame her, being illiterate and all, she probably doesn't know any better. But c'mon you guys, give her a break. She has a giant noggin. I would honestly say she has the biggest face/head in the continental U.S., Perez Hilton comes in a close second. Who are these people with giant melons.

School is back in. What can I say. The seeeeemester is looking promising. One of my Teach's wears a pocket watch. He is really obsessed with time. And I basically managed to take the 3 hardest classes of my college career in the same semester. I am sure I will really enjoy it. Speaking of....we should catch a dinner date with Kitty Kwan. I miss her silliness.

What else....what else...........nothing really. I am sups interested to see if Heidi on the Hills is or is not Preggy. I sure hope she is. Speaking of Preggies, Vanessa Minillo is sure looking like she is cooking a baby in there. Maybe it is just her clothes but I would say she looks knocked up to me. And if she isn't then they should stop dressing her to make it look like she is. Her and Nicky just want to be happyyyyyy. Leav'em ALONE, Gosh.

Today was the best day off ever. I did nothing. Not getting ready until 3 in the afternoon is life changingly wonderful.

I have new bangs. They are sexy. Ask anyone who isn't afraid to talk about it.

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alexbealady said...

i'm embarassed for you's twos listening to fantasia!

kitty kwans sounds like a rull treat.