Thursday, January 18, 2007

Plunges it.....

So today was pretty much my breaking point. I can handle the freezing bedroom, I can handle the perma-dirty toilet, I can even handle going a day without hot water. I, however, CAN. NOT. handle the washcloth eating bath tub drain.

So I took a bath this morning. Stop right there Judgers. i.e. Matt, Heidi, Alex. You have all done it once in your life and I didn't want to do it but I had to. When I woke up my legs were so tight that I had to walk around on my tippy toes. Yes Tippy Tippy Toes.

After tippy toeing all over the place I made it to the tub and filled her up good. After a nice soak I wanted to rinse off all the dirty bath water. I pulled the plug. Down goes the water, but not before the dirty dirty drain monster slurped up my bitty baby hot green washcloth.

So there I am dirty water naked in the shower and the water stops. So of course I call Stu to the rescue. "Bend a hanger and fish it out" he says. No Me Gusta. Still plugged. So off to good ole Smith Dawgs for handy dandy plunger. It is now 7:05 am and every at Smiths thinks the pajama girl took a giant dook and plugged up her toilet. No so ! Stop judging Mr. 2 liter of Mountain Dew and a Donut. I see keep eating those donuts fatty.

$3.03 later I am on my way back home to get this Plunger to work. By now the water has had a chance to settle and it looks soapier and grosser than ever. So I rolls up my sleeves and I dig right in. I'ma plungin and a plungin and a plungin like I had done it my whole life. Butt crack showing and everything. I figured I needed all the help I could get right ? So after a hard core plunging sesh I am no closer to fixing the prob. Tub still plugged, me still pissed. So I call Stu again, "Call my dad, he will know what to do".

So now I have to call my future father-in-law and explain said sitch to him. He explains that he has a super snake that should solve the problem right quick. So he is coming over tonight to do some major plumbing. I am hoping for the best. I will keep you posted.

My weary legs still hurt so much. I feel like a little dancer tippy toeing all over the place. Sean is a life ruiner. I may have to resort to Ben Gay to relieve my aches and pains. Maybe I can mug a geriatric for some.

ho. hum.

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alexbealady said...

i like ben gay.

i would've moved out right away. i can't handle plumbing situations.

kudos to you.