Tuesday, January 2, 2007

She had a big ass then, She's got a big ass now.

After a weekend with the fam I sure am exhausted and now I think I am falling ill. Yes I know, when I go on vacation I get sick. Story of my life.

The cabby was fun for the most part, other than a small altercation over the shower it was otherwise uneventful. We just went snowmibiling all over the country ya'll. And I got to play games. Who knew I kick ass at Yhatzee, Yahtzee, what ever it is I am amazing.

Tonight I think I will return some crappy ass presents that i will never use. Stop acting like I am a selfish brat for saying I got a crappy present. Cause you know that you got some too, you are just jealous that I can figure out what shit-tastic store they shit-tastic tacky ass gifts wer purchased. Good news, I am pretty sure my stuff is worth a total of $6. Boo yeah. I am buying socks. Since that is what I asked for anyways.

I am however delighted with my vibrating slipps. Hello battery operated and comfortable. I encourage everyone to invest in a pair. They are totally worth it.

I am off to buy a god damn birthday present for someone I don't even like.

Just an Update: The wedding dress should be here Feb. 4th ! Boo yeah !!!


alexbealady said...

you should just regift the tacky ass presents to this birthday person.

i'm sick toooo! did it start with a sore throat and head congestion? ohhh you're in for it!

ps, where can one find vibrating slips?

Jessica said...

OMG I got vibe slipps for christmas. I am sure you can find them at your local Shopko.