Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hot Diggity Dogg !!!

You guys I am not even gonna lie, I use MySpace to spy on people. It is a hobby. Something to keep busy. Something fun to do when I should be working. Back off. At least I am honest about it.

Today I took a test, it was easily the fastest test in the history of test taking. Why? you ask. Was it because I was INCREDIBLY smart ? Because I am such a study bug ? No. Hell to the NO! Hell to the N-O! It was because the guy next to me smelled like old milk. If someone had clocked my bubble-filling-in speed I would have set a land speed record. I think the pencil almost lit on fire.

Who smells like old milk ? Like stinky baby stink milk. If you baby is going to puke milk on your face or other body part at least have the common courtesy to wash your stank off.

My condolences to Matt who recently found out his crush is in fact straight. Sorry. He had me fooled. If I were a betting woman, and there were a line on this in Vegas, I'd bet 10-1 that he was gay. Well better luck next time.

Sean is being extra assy and last night I almost punched his stupid face in. He is rude and I m going to start kicking him in the Shin.

Only 15 days until I get to go to RENO. Yes Get to go you jerks. I don't get out much, so Reno is a big deal for me.

Here is a fat kid in a hot dog suit:
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Ketchup and Mustard Ya'll

For good measure, here is an ASS in a Carrot Costume:
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You guys....buzzed driving is drunk driving. Someone tell Aaron Morris.


alexbealady said...

oooh i wanted the dirt on whoever you're spying on!! hahaha lol at old milk guy. siiiiiick.

Matt said...

Well there is still a fraction of hope, as in, I'm only 99% sure. I appreciate the shout out however, you know, broadcasting my burizness. There are tons of uglies at the library at the moment, in case you was wonderin...