Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hob Nob.....

I've got a new job.

So I like rhymes. What do you want.

I haven't posted in for-ev-ER. If this blogg was a child it would have been taken in to protective custody weeks ago. But what do you want from me. I got things. Important things, like gettin' jobs.

So the wedding plans are cruisin right along. We got flowers. We got cakes. We got invitations. We got dresses. We got tuxes. Boo yeah people we got it goin on!!!

This blog has gotten really hood, like Roy style. I like it. I am still thinking that we need to go to Vegas for a weekend. I feel like if money is an obstacle we can work on that. I got stuff I can sell. That couch in my living room with worth at least $25.I mean I know that it is hot, but come on if I needed to move it fast I could do it. But I highly reccommend clearing your schedules in May. I am thinking the weekend after graduation is PRIME TIME. So think about it ok. Lets live a little people, I mean we are all gonna be 23 this year. 23! we only live once, why not do it crunk in Vegas. boo yeah boo yeah boo yeah!

Hell to the YES. BTW Whitney loving on Ray Jay sicks me out. Mostly because Ray Jay banged Kim Kardashian and that is creeping me out because I saw a mini clip from the video. WTF. They are freaks.

Well I will keep ya'll posted on the deets of the new job.... it will be a couple weeks before I start. I adopted my fish deaddles out today. I gave up all my parental rights. I am not good at taking care of things. Well I would be except deadles got really boring and he just sat there all day long and was sooooooooooo boring. So he has a new home now where it is ok to be boring.

And you guys, drowsy driving is drunk driving. Seriously. Stay awake ok.


alexbealady said...

haha, okay i have so much to say.

i always think in my head that 'drowsy driving is drunk driving'...but that makes no sense! hahaha. i'm glad it's not just me. why do we say that?

also, i reallyreallyreally wanna see the cake and the flowers and everything! i am a closet wedding plan fanatic.

finally, i want to hear about this jobbbb! we are so exciting.

who likes fish? they're slimy.

alexbealady said...

have you started your new hob nobbin jobbin yet??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting Rockin Reno at the top of your list. A+ job on getting new job!