Thursday, April 12, 2007

Camp McCampertons

Good news you guys. Moab is real real warm in May !! An average temp of 84 deee-greeez. That sounds gorgeous to me. We can lay around on red rocks like lizards and soak up the sunshine ! I pretty much think that we will be getting like the best tan ever. The average drive time is 4 hours and 20 minutes. I think we could make it in 3. We are excellent drivers.

You guys, I am in class and my man teacher just ut on an apron. Something big is going to happen. Earlier today he belted out a broadway tune, to me. Yeah Lucky I know. He sang a silly song and then held my hand.

Now he is making a meat pie. In a blender. OMG.

You guys he is crazy. He just put a banana and an egg in the blender and then he had a Barbie in tin foil. He unwrapped it, and then took off its head and then cut off all her hair and put it in the blender. Now he is cutting off Barbie's arms ya'll!!! AND HER LEGS !!!! This is so disturbing!!!! He added some red food coloring for effect. He just blended Barbie to DEATH!

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Marcus took a picture.

Thanks god I am graduating.


Matt said...

I'm so jealous that you're graduating. Fo reals. It's truly mortifying to me that I am 23 (almost) and not graduating. I wish I would've considered how I would feel at this point when I was fucking around 5 years ago. DAMN!

alexbealady said...

jessica!! dont make me LAUGH so hard. i'm disturbing my roommates and i dont know if you heard but they are a big deal.

alexbealady said...

one would think that one would blog to keep one's friends in the loop on her glamorous life.