Monday, April 30, 2007

Done, Done, Done..... and Done.

Schools out for the summer! Except for the test I have to take on Thursday. Then graduation is on Frideeee. I am so happy. I have an excellent dress to wear thanks to Brettles and Spencibabe.

You guys, I have only written 2 sentences and this blog is already BORING. I am boring myself. Crap. This is why I never update my shit.

In other news we had a bridal shower over the weekend and I scored a sexy pink mixer.
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Not that I even know how to cook, or what to do with this but God knows that I will try because I freakin love this beotch. Thanks Rae Bird !

Other highlights from the shower:
- During the pre-feast prayer Stu's grandpa forgot my name.
- Stu and I will soon have a niece or nephew because Eric's wife-to-be is already taking about wanting a baby. Sick me out.
- Bridal Showers= multitudes of salads. Endless salads

I had a small friendly get together at my silly apt. on Sat. I was just good old fashined fun. Except for the part where Brett, Trisha and Scott were watching porn together on my computer. That is when I kicked those sick-o's out. Lets be honest, they should all know better. I am, after all, the boss of Trisha. And I told her to stop so she should have stopped. No means NO you guys.

We are getting out engagements done tommorow night. Too bad I have nothign to wear. I hit up every store at the gateway. I even tried Nordstrom Rack and Target. So apparently we are either getting our pictures taken in the nude, or just wearing some old raggedy clothes we already have. I enjoy black things. I feel like I will wear black. Maybe just a sexy tee. I am just saying I have no clothes ok.

I am sucking at life right now. I am just saying.

Here are some additional vegas pictures.They are silly and I love it.
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I don't even know these people. Except for Tiffles. But I think those guys were there for this other kids bachelor party. So we were all friends.

Katch, Me and some cool kid named Max.

We all look naked ! We weren't, but how cool would it be if we were! That would be true Vegas style.

I like to call this photo "Jana......Whoa!" How gorgeous is this, I mean really.

I love it.

Well since I am at work, I guess I will do some work. But expect consistent updates for here on out. (What am I even saying. I am just setting myself up for failure. )
But really you guys, I am going to give it the old college try.

Last night I was watching Rev Run's House on MTV. And he said something really profound: It's not about competition, it's about completion.
And then I was like what the hell are you even saying dude. Or course it is about competition. Everyone LOVES to win. I know I do.

Have a magical day ya'll!!


Matt said...

I know you're just saying, but I am also just saying that you have a lot of pictures with random guys. Hoe. Remember, most things that happen in Vegas stay in Vegas, STIs are not one of them.

Jessica said...

Never in my life have I been so offended. Really. Who do you think I am ? L-Lo ? Not a chance. All those guys are in the photos because they had the camera and took the pictures. I am a LADY! and Don't you forget it mister.

alexbealady said...

haha, wtf is that last pic? it really randomized this post.

jessica, i feel like you are all over the place! simmer down girl.

i have no clue what a mixer is for either. kathy says to make dough and such... odd. she suggests looking for a minimini cookbook inside the box. what would we do without mothers??

Janalu said...

Wow you can see all the way to my tonsils in that pic. SICK