Thursday, April 5, 2007

Double Your Pleasure.....

I feel like that is an adequate quote for the month of April. I am entertaining other options, so fee free to expand.

You guys, I realized after the wonderful thing I did for Tricia on Friday night that I am a really nice person. Who else would do that for a friend? I mean that was hard work. Haaaaaarrrrddddd Work. I hope my efforts pay off for her on Friday night.

I have been thinking about my upcoming birthday and what to do, what to do ?? So many options. I feel like dinner and drinking are a given, but where ? I love Asian Star, but that is far far away. PF Changs was delicious later year, but maybe it is time for something new ??? Suggestions. I have to double celebrate my birthday because I feel like others with April birthdays (i.e. Matt) are less than jazzed about it. I figure it is gonna happen anyways so why not have a hell of a good time. I feel like The Hotel is a good birthday bash place, as well as Circle Lounge. I am scared of Mynt because I think that is for classy bitches, one of which I am not. I want to go somewhere fun, but not trashy. I like the Huka but that is also far far away. Since this is my last birfday before I move out west I want to keep it live and local. Kristaufs ? I need suggestions people.

I am getting my hair did on Saturday and maybe a mani-pedi. Then I think I will get some lunch with my mom. So that is my plan. I am just sayin.

New Topic:
LC and Jason's sex tape. I really hope that it is real!! I love it. Jason is such a trashy son of a bitch. I am glad he is in a hurry to get some cash before he goes to lock down. He can bunk with Joe Francis. Cell Block C's hottest couple.

The Job:
I thought working both jobs would be fun. Not so much. Basically I am doing 2 jobs in half the time. But the new job is exciting and I get to do lots of fun stuff. Plus I am sure I am going to get free stuff so that is sweet right ? Yeah. I will keep you posted. Plus I have the internet at work now, so maybe I will post from there.

So sorrs I missed Boston Legal and Wednesday night stir fry. I had to study ya'll. Really I should have skipped the gym and hung out with yous guys but I needed to work on my fitness, and when I try to cancel Sean is a jerk about it so I just suck it up and go.

I have made a suggestion to re-vamp the Vegas trip idea to scrap that and head to the beach in California instead. What do you think? Lets be honest, this is something I really want to do (go on a trip) but I am not sure how alls yous guys feel about it. I am thinking like the 3rd weekend in May. So not memorial day but the weekend before that. Or Memorial day I guess but everyone and their bitch will be at the beach then. I feel like we could work it out for $300 or less. I will do some research IF you guys are interested. I am just sayin' I know you are all busy so let me know so we can work it out. (Plus think about how going to the beach is like 37 free tanning passes, that is like 37 X $5= the best time ever. And I am pretty sure you can't drink booze in a tanning booth)

Remember how our picture was on the Hotel's website? That is embarrassing. Real embarrassing. We need to redeem ourselves some how.

You guys, I graduate in 3 weeks. I am Sups excited !!!!!!

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alexbealady said...

i love trips, i just dont know about money/time off. that's like next month...