Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And then I was like "You're who now?"....

Seriously this weekend was totally the opposite of what I was expecting. And by that I mean it was kind of fun. I was expecting sour puss princess meany. But instead I got semi-sociable nice girl. I was very impressed. Maybe this whole in-laws thing won;t be as bad as I thought. Or perhaps this was a fleeting moment of niceness that is never to return. Either way I figure enjoy that while it lasts. So I did.

You guys we played Yahtzee. It was fun. I would do it again.

Yesterday I went to a BBQ B-day party for Stu's friend Anthony's boyfriend Cooper. Seriously had the best time ever. Only like 3 people got in the pool. I was one of them. I made a new BFF, he is 3. His name is Strand. He is super cool. We hung out. He is blonde so we connected right off. Us blondes, we roll together.

My friend Anthony is a gardener, he grows plants inside in a fancy closet that is like a greenhouse. He is also an excellent baker. He made some brownies that were sups delish. But I only ate like 1/2 because they were really rich.

I had such a good time that when Stuart dropped me off at my house at 7:45 I went to bed. Then I woke up at 11 and I wasn't even tired, so I watched a documentary on Ayer's Rock is Australia. Did you know that the Aboriginal name for Ayer's rock is Uluru? (say it like ooo-lah-roo).

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Look whats on TV late at night. Excellent.

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