Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Core= 4

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And 4 is the Holy number of FABULOUS!!

Does that mean we are all going to have each others babies ? Probably not. But just so you guys know if you needed me to have your baby I guess I could. If I was compensated properly.

We are all 23.


5= Action

We all get action. Some more than others, ha ha ha. I love it. I am funny.

The core=4, new members= 0.


0= The All. Everything and Nothing.

We are the everything.
I love numerology. Someone call Lisa Lopes from beyond the dead and tell her thanks for introducing me to this. Nevermind, I will just do it myself later with the Ouija board. Anyone wanna come over?

Maybe Matt can summon her with his Bloody Mary's in the bathroom. Why the bathroom by the way ? Does the spirit come out of the plumbing ?

Look I did my name:
Jessica= 10+5+10+10+9+3+1=48=4+8=12=1+2=3

3=Communication/Interaction. Neutrality.
I guess that make sense. I like to chat and hang out. I suppose I neutral regarding some subjects. But really I am not. I have an opinion and I will tell you what I think. So that part is kind of off. But I suppose I am neutral when it come to things like, what are we doing tonight? or Where do you guys wanna eat?
So I guess that makes sense.


alexbealady said...

haha, i truly loved this post! where did you find all that number shit? we are the new lisa left eye lopes. we are her reincarnation!!

Jessica said...

Dude. Wikipedia will hook you up!!! Do you love that I double posted posted. I am new at the internet.