Sunday, May 13, 2007

I am slowly turning into a dude....

This weekend was filled with all kinds of dude stuff. Mostly things involving balls. Hey nasty. I mean sports. Including the Bee's game and the Jizzy Jazz. The Jazz win games, who knew. I sure as hell didn't but I do now.

Sorry that no one even likes that Sanjaya/Jacko video. I thought it was HILARIOUS!!!! I elle oh elled at least 3 times whilst watching it.

Mother's day was uneventful. I didn't see my mom. She was busy with her friends. Listen, it is her day. Do what you want. I am not even complaining. ha ha ha. We went to Stuibabes parents and hung out. Fun.

The wedding is coming along famously. I have sent the invitations. That was the hard part. Now I have to squeeze my fatass into my wedding dress. Oh shit. I keep putting it off thinking that I will magically shrink. Not working. I think I am just going to have to suck it up and get it done this week. Boo. Maybe I can get some lipo real quick. And a new set of jugs wouldn't hurt either.

I will keep you posted. As Matt has so delightfully mentioned, So You Think You Can Dance is starting soon. I CAN'T EVEN WAIT. I heart that show!! It really brightens my day. Lurve it. I feel like it would also be a great way to start up dinner club again. I would love to host. I can cook up something real genius-like. Someone gave me a casserole cookbook. I can bust out something like WHOA. You guys I made 2 cakes today. TWO! They were from a box, but still that is like 50% of my cake making experience in on day. And they turned out real real nice.

I used my pink mixer. It is hot. Stuart hates it. I love it.
When he sees what tasty things emminate from its pink hotness he will love it too.

Stuart thinks that I am blogging about him. I guess technically if you include the above comment I was. He has ESP. Or he can read.

Now he is contemplating why he painted a painting.

There Stuart. Now I am blogging about you. Congrats.

You know how you use different voices when you are impersonating someone? Stuart's Jessica voice sounds like a dumb skater guy. Awesome.


alexbealady said...

i can't believe you are already using your mixer! you are way ahead of the class.

for some reason it didn't occur to me that you could use your wedding gifts before the wedding...

Jessica said...

I know. I kind of feel bad, but they are just sittinga round in the den waiting for someone to use them. So i say what the hell. I will mix it. Mix it good.

Janalu said...

The ladies at my work didnt really think it was that funny either. i love it, I hope Michael and Sanjaya stay in touch.

alexbealady said...

you should update this shit at work instead of jobhunting for me. hahahaha. i'm just sayin.