Thursday, June 7, 2007

All is now right in the world.

She is out. Like a light! If that is even the correct use of the expression.
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Lets be honest, I am really suprised that she even went to jail at all. What she needs is some community service and a strict regimen of antibiotics.

Anyway, I mostly just wanted to talk about it because I wanted to photoshop her face on that monopoly card.

You guys, I suck at blogging. Mostly because since I see everyone I feel like I am telling you whats up.But here is some stuff that I observed in the last few days:

Brett and Spencer probably should not have kids. Their babysitting skills are adequate but I think long term is a no go.

People at the gym should develop some water fountain etiquette. When you are filling your gallon jug at the drinking fountain, use the short one. I should not have to get down on my knees to slurp some water because your 'roid regimen requires that you drink several gallons of water per day.

I am a bad daughter and forgot my mothers birthday. Not that she did anything for mine, but I should strive to be a better person. Good news, Jana forgot it too. We both are bad.

I am great when I'm good, but better when I'm bad.

Heidi is the object of affection for a hot tank-wearing men. He thinks that she is trouble, walking around smelling good and looking good. I agree. She could really get in trouble.

I still want a bunny. And I am gonna get one. A baby one so I can mold it into the perfect rabbit citizen.

The wedding in 2 weeks from today and I am eating Reese's pieces. Listen. I make bad choices. You know how I roll. But lets be honest, if the dress doesn't fit I can totally just stop eating for a few days. Crackers and water you guys.

I am sup's exciting for the wedding. It is gonna be EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!


Janalu said...

your good at photoshop but better at paint. Any dummy can photoshop but you have to use your skills when it comes to paint.

alexbealady said...

i cannot imagine the world with a little spenceybabe and bretzles running around.

i wouldn't know personally, but i am told bunnies are bad pets. we have them at the humane society though...if you wanted to be humane or something.