Thursday, July 26, 2007

Damaged Goods.

So I have returned for my wilderness adventure damaged goods. The wild chewed me up and spit me out. Really. Rafting was fun but the water was mega cold. Turns out it is just some glacier run-off. You know, nature's ice water. So freezing my ass off was pretty sweet.

Then I decided to jump off a cliff into the river, by doing do I punched my self in the nose and cut my forehead. I have battle scars. SCARS!

Good news. R. Kelley is coming out with a new edition of Trapped in da Closet !!!! I know. It really made my day too! Who am I kidding it made my century. I hope he uses that same Midge from the last one. In case you are not up to date on the latest "closet" happenings, here is a quick catch up.

This is only parts 1-5, later I will post 6-9 so you will be totally with it.

In my quest for fantastic music videos, I also found this.

Love it.

Being married is still fun. But really it feels like the same, but my address has changed. It seems like we are always really really busy. I totally pioneered my ass off on Tuesday. Not only did I clean my house enough to make a sister wife jealous, but I hit up the mother F'in rodeo. I had never been, it was quite excellent. Kathy AKA Rae Bird and I were on the jumbo tron doing the YMCA. I think that may have been one of the most exciting times of her life. She loved it. Then a cowboy on a buckin bull got bucked right into an ambulance. Apparently it jacked up his face and he was bleeeeeeeeding. That bull riding is serious biznass. But apparently you can make a pretty penny if you can sit your ass on a buckin bull for 8 seconds.

So that is the latest. Stuarts brother got married. It was different than what I thought it would be, but still pretty. The brides mother remembered to put me in my place, by kindly reminding me "You had your day !" She is a gem, that one.
Here are a few highlights:

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The Taylor Fam

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Me and Kevi-babe.

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Those "other" Taylors, you know, the hot ones.


alexbealady said...

jess you look effing hot in that dress. no lies. no lies from this girl.

the brides mother was a whore!!

i can't believe you got all hurt and shit! neosporine is my recommendation.

you stay away from them rodeos, ya hear?

glad you're blogging. i was so bored!

Anonymous said...

Highlites...more like lowlights. except for the gorg Taylors.

Jessica said...

You spelled highlights wrong. But then you totally redeemed yourself because you spelled lowlights correctly.