Monday, July 2, 2007

Oh Crap, I'm Married.

So. I am back, and I am the new Mrs. Taylor. I am not just saying that, I really am that. Last night I did laundry and IRONED. That Iron Heidi gave me is the bomb. The Bomb. The Bomb. I ironed my face off. Seriously I think I ironed like 29 things.

Mexico was Muy Excellente !!! Ayye yi Yi! I honestly had the best time of my life. I wanna go back. Today.

We opened all our gifties. We got some sweet stuff. And Some super lame stuff. Apparently people think that when you get married you want to Crock everything. We got 3 crockpots for God sake. One was shaped like a foot ball and has a little goal post on it. And 1 was regifted from this girl at work who got married last month. She gave me the Jumanji of Crockpots. You can;t get rid of it. I tried to take it back to Wal Mart, those bitches take everything, not this! Then I did some serious internet research to try and find where I could unload this evil cooking omen and apparently it is non existent. No place carries it, it is discontinued. But I did find some reviews stating that the lid explodes, so at least it is safe! So now I have to find some other poor sucker to unload this thing on before it curses my life forever. We also got 2 bar sets. One from Pottery Barn, the card inside was address the "Jessica and Keven" Apparently someone got confused and thought I was marrying my Father-In-Law. But I will forgive them because they have good taste. I told Keven that we are not even splitting the gift, but he still needs to write the thank you card.

I sounds like some rull rull exciting stuff has taken place. When I heard about the dude ranch at first I was surprised, but then excited. It sounds cool. Like it could turn into some "Nobody puts baby in the corner" Dirty Dancing hott funn.

I will have more update later. Trust me, I have a feeling good stuff is gonna happen.


alexbealady said...

of COURSE good things are happening - it was gordon b's bdayyy!! hahaha. stuart is going to hell. the rest of us already were, but now he is too for laughing at that couple. it's cool though because now you guys can be together FOR E VER.

trust me. i am PRAYING for some dirty-dancing like action to go down hurrr.

TAPPLE said...

You sound like a good little wife. I threw up in my mouth.