Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Spice Forever.... MAJOR

Listen. I am super serious baout seeing the Spice Girls reunion. Who is with me ? Tell me what ya want, what you really really want! I really really really wanta go to the show. Ahhhhhh.

Seriously. They are hot. We are going. Tickets are a little expensive, but I feel it is worth it. I plan on entering every contest possible to win them. You watch, I will do it.

The Vegas show is 12/8/07 so that give us plenty of time to plan and go.

Do it to it !!!!


alexbealady said...

can we just listen to the cd and dance around in a circle?? sorry to be a party pooper, but i feel that would really recreate our teenage years rather than actually seeing the pop phenom known as 'the spice girls'.

Heidi said...

There is no way in H*** I would pay money for that. Hope stuibabe is up for the ride :)

Alexandria said...

that is what husbands are for. i heard.

T'Ann said...

Let me know the time and date I am totally there!