Saturday, July 14, 2007

Workin on my tan lines....

Oooga Chace Oooga Chaca. I have been thinking about that damn dancing baby from Ally McBeal. Who even watched that. Not me. Well ok, obvioudly I did because I know about the dancing baby.

Today is Cyprus Lagoon day. Apparently Scott is my date because my own husband doesn't even want to go, let alone my friends. I am not gonna lie, I can't blame you guys. But I feel like I should go because I am expected to be there. So I think like a 3 hour stint should do me right.

We bought a new TV. It is da bomb, da bomb, da bomb. I love it. Last night we watched Reno 911 the movie and then Stuibabe played Xbox while I wrote Thank You notes. Sometimes when I am writing the notes I am wishing that we didn't even get any gifts becuase I am sick of writing the notes, but then I remember that writing eleventy billion thank you notes is essentially paying for the T.V. so then I felt better.

Not much else is new, just the same old same old. I think next weekend we are going white water rafting. Just so you all know as I am writing this Stuibabe is singing in the shower. I think I just hear "Blast Off" and then some deet doot like robot sounds. Oh us married folk.

I found this vid, and thought it was HILARIOUS !!!


Matt said...

Inna see. What kinda TV? Whurr it at? How big? Size matters. Thanks for driving me home Saturday. ha. ha. ha.

Janalu said...

Hmm. I would go to Lagoon in a second. I'm not too good! Remember the magic carpet ride.

alexbealady said...

i think they got rid of the magic carpet didnt they? too bad. so sad.

inna go rafting!!