Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nothin to see here.....

I had to delete this from the space, so I an just using this as a storage shed.
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Here is more Cheese humor. But it has magic and mustache's so beat that.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

1, 2, 3 and to the 4

I hope yous guys loved that Mika video, because I do. I really really do.My new favorite restaurant is Ruth's Diner. I love it. I have been there twice in less than a week. I am pretty sure that is binge diner'ing.So far I have decided that the caprese sandwich is delicious, the Chinese chicken salad is not so good.So maybe skip that one.

My mom is currently ruining my life in the following ways:
1. She has yet to pay the printer for my wedding invitations, so either I am paying her for them or she is gonna sue me, because that is what I would do.
2. At the wedding she told Kerry Jackson of X96 that I was not ever interested in coming back and filling in for Gina when she has child #3.
3.She is currently giving the cabin with wood walls a wood floor. I think it may feel like a 70's style coffin once it is completed.

Heidi, Civi's jam just came on. Hip Hip. Who is blogging at work listening to X96 ? Oh yeah, it is me.

Can we talk about the Hill's. OMG WTF, Spencer and Heidi are never going to last. If America can not totally tell Spencer is a big faking faker and just wants to be on TV then they should kick their own ass. Also if Lauren gets back with Jason I hope that he takes her for a ride in that stupid antique car and she falls out. LAME WADS. But lets be honest even if it gets real sucky I am still going to watch it. What do you want ? I like TV.

The squirrel that I caught in a bag 2 weekends ago is now craving human flesh. When we were at the cabin last weekend it bit our friend Ned's toe. Not enough to draw blood but I feel like it is dabbling in flesh. So pretty much I turn herbivores into carnivores in 12 seconds or less. In other news I learned how to wake surf, pretty much I am runnin' Jordanelle reservoir.

I think we should all look into volunteering at Sundance, I think that it is the opportunity of a life time and now that we are pretty much adults, I feel like we could manage to be up there with out being total asses. I mean of course we will be a little assy, because we are who we are, but it could be really fun.

Not that this is a big deal because it is Magna, but I wrote a press release for the Credit Union that was printed in the Magna Times, the Kearns Post and the West Valley Journal. Not that I got credited for it in the paper, because that is not how it works, but I am just sayin I wrote that!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Diet Coke and a Pizza please

I honestly love this song. Seriously, I love it.

Monday, August 6, 2007

La carlingue dans les bois.....

This weekend was full of excitement and mystery ! Not so much. But the cabin was fun. I took some sweet photos because I don't think my verbal description was adequate.
Here is the outside of the Cabby:
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It is pretty sweet huh ? There usta be a lot of trees in front there. It was like a regular forest. But then a nasty beetle killed the trees and they had to chop them all down. It was a big deal.
Here is the culprit:
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Here is the Pioneer Bedroom I was telling you about:
The green arrow is Stuart's bed, the pink arrow is my bed.
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I spent most of the weekend trying to capture this squirrel. His name is Chester. He like to eat peanuts. That is his thang.
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All it took was a pair of gloves and this bag:
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I sat quietly in a lawn chair and waited until he crawled into the bag for a tasty nut. They can't resist a tasty nut. Then I grabbed the top iof the bag! Ha ha. I totally trapped him in the bag. Ask Stuarts grama. She was there. And the he started freaking out in the bag and I felt bad so I let him go. No one tell PETA. They will spray paint my face.

That is pretty much it. We rode some four-wheelers. I ate some licorice, and then worked my Ass off at the gym from licorice guilt.

This week I am taking Friday off to get my name changed. So after Friday I will be JT forever. And since Lindsay Lohan is in town for Rehab Matt and I are going to try to stalk, I mean visit her. We got camera's like the paparazzi. Remember that time we made Mary-Kate Cookies but then we just ate them instead. Maybe we can take Lindsay and 8-ball and bottle of Jack Daniels.

Does anyone know hot to get to Sundance, UT?

I bought a pair of never worn True Religion jeans at the DI for $6 USD. Yeah I know, I am a genius.

I also plan on selling my TI-83 calculator on Ebay. The going rate is about $50. Pretty much I am gonna be rich. I am just sayin.

10-4 Good Buddies.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

You do too know this song!!

Ha! Matt! YOu do too know this song. I knew it !

Sorry that I pretty much know like every song that the Bayou band plays.

Stuart was really glad I renewed our membership.

This ones for Heidi....

This just in.....

Lily Allen does Plushies and Furries.
Exhibit A:
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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Itty Bitty Baby

Oh yeah, Nicole Richie is knocked up. BIG SURPRISE. She is so skinny you can see that babies face through her belly!

Here is what I think the wee babe will look like:
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This and that.

I am pretty sure that Joey Fatone was never cool. Or hot. He just wasn't. Even when NSync was the bomb, the bomb. He still wasn't cool then. I sort of forgot about him until I was channel surfing last night and I saw his ugly mug on some stupid singing show. He sucks at like. He has a mullet. A MULLET ! and not the fashionable kind, the stupid kind. I hate him.

I bought a plant. A live one. It is an Orchid, so pretty muchit will be dead in a matter of days, but we will see. Lets be honest, I kill things. I make them not want to live anymore. Thats why I am not having kids.

I think Dan the Man has dementia. I swear to God she never remembers anything I tell her. I think she forgot my name today. Also I think she is friends with this Mega-Lez truck driving real estate agent who looks like a dude. I am just sayin, I am a little nervous about it.

Stuart and I have started working on our fitness. I love the new gym. It is like working out in First Class on Delta. They have cold towels. COLD TOWELS. A little butler comes and gives them to you when you are working out. It is like an octane boost for my work out. SERIOUS.

Not much else is new. I am almost done with our Thank You notes, so stand near your mailbox.

I just remembered that the reason I was going to post is beacue I really really want some sweet rubber rain boots. I am thinking striped, or black and white plaid. I have a vision. It involves a black sweater, jeans and some hot rain boots. I am in love with the rain boot idea. Just wait. IT is going to be the best purchase of my life, thus far.

Shut up. I am getting them. They will be such an upgrade from the booties from last winter. Wait for it.

Well I gotta get back to workin my looks,

Excuse my Beauty.