Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This and that.

I am pretty sure that Joey Fatone was never cool. Or hot. He just wasn't. Even when NSync was the bomb, the bomb. He still wasn't cool then. I sort of forgot about him until I was channel surfing last night and I saw his ugly mug on some stupid singing show. He sucks at like. He has a mullet. A MULLET ! and not the fashionable kind, the stupid kind. I hate him.

I bought a plant. A live one. It is an Orchid, so pretty muchit will be dead in a matter of days, but we will see. Lets be honest, I kill things. I make them not want to live anymore. Thats why I am not having kids.

I think Dan the Man has dementia. I swear to God she never remembers anything I tell her. I think she forgot my name today. Also I think she is friends with this Mega-Lez truck driving real estate agent who looks like a dude. I am just sayin, I am a little nervous about it.

Stuart and I have started working on our fitness. I love the new gym. It is like working out in First Class on Delta. They have cold towels. COLD TOWELS. A little butler comes and gives them to you when you are working out. It is like an octane boost for my work out. SERIOUS.

Not much else is new. I am almost done with our Thank You notes, so stand near your mailbox.

I just remembered that the reason I was going to post is beacue I really really want some sweet rubber rain boots. I am thinking striped, or black and white plaid. I have a vision. It involves a black sweater, jeans and some hot rain boots. I am in love with the rain boot idea. Just wait. IT is going to be the best purchase of my life, thus far.

Shut up. I am getting them. They will be such an upgrade from the booties from last winter. Wait for it.

Well I gotta get back to workin my looks,

Excuse my Beauty.


Janalu said...

I have successfully kept a spider planr alive that Barb gave me when we were up for the wedding. It has suffered a few cat attacks but so far it even made a flower. Your unborn children will love you.

alexbealady said...

omg no one is going to complain about you getting new cyute byoots. unless they are from like the DI.

i can't believe you get cold towels! luccky!