Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thats really not my thing...

Updating that is. I just have been a busy busy buzzin bee. I am just sayin I think we should all go to brunch on Sunday. Squatters mmmmmmmmmmkay. Or Market Street. Not that we are Fance, but we deserve nice things.

All is well on the West Side. Except there are no dry cleaners here. Atleast not close. What, I don't deserve to have clean pressed clothes! Yes I DO! So I have to take some to the East Side today when I go get my hurr did. I am getting a cut. Don't freak out, I go in wanting it cut but then usually wimp out and get a nice trim. We will see. It is looking pretty shabby these days.

Not much else is new. I want to learn photoshop and illustrator. My brain is starved for knowledge!!! Ha ha. Not really, but I thinkn that I do need a hobby. Other than being married. That is like a hobby. It is a fun hobby. I mean everyone come see how good we look:
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