Monday, October 29, 2007

A family in our neighborhood was MURDERED!

Not even joking. This is the kind of thing you read about in fiction novels. SAD and SCARY.

It sounds like what could possibly be a quadruple murder. Does it get any scarier than that ? Yesterday around 10:30 am the neighbors noticed the home on fire and called 911. They banged on the doors and windows trying to let the family inside know that the house was on fire, but all the doors and windows were locked. When the fire rescue arrived they got into the home and found 4 bodies in an upstairs bedroom. The bodies were the mother and 3 children and they did not die as a result of the fire. The are ruling it a possible homicide. The cause of the fire and deaths are still undetermined.

This is totally freaking me out, I couldn't sleep last night. I honestly can not even believe that something this terrible happened a few houses away, on a Sunday morning in our regular boring neighborhood. I will update with more info as details are released.


alexbealady said...

cuh-reeepy! you know it was the daddy!

alexbealady said...

case was solved while you were out. murder suicide. that's good news for your neighborhood right?? still bad news for them kids though...