Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Deaddles and more

Well turns out that Alex is right, the case was solved. Mom killed the kiddos, decided to burn that mother down and then axed herself. Gross. Now people have left flowers and Jack-O-Lanterns outside the house. I guess in October, pumpkins help you grieve. To each thier own.

Went to the WA last weekend for the Fabulous 50th party. The grandparents have been married 50 years. That is a real real long time. As my grandpa said "Not even a murderer gets 50 years" I would say true in some cases, but not all. Still funny though.

We are back, and there's gonna be trouble. Not really, I just wanted to say that. I think that we should all get together soon, because just because we're busy doesn't mean we don't love each other.

I am a real Bob Vila these days. Well actually just yesterday for about 30 minutes. I helped Stuibabe put in insulation in our crawl space. I cut it apart with some kitchen scissors. I really showed that insulation who is boss. ME. Thats who. Next we tackle PAINT ! Alex, I may need some help, and you have the most experience fo sho.

Well thats all the updates for now. And just so you guys know I am pretty upset about Dog the Bounty Hunter being can celled. I wish he wasn't such a dirty racist. But lets be honest here. He is totally white trash. How did he even end up in Hawaii. It is beyond me. I guess Beth will have to get a job at the IHOP or KFC and Dog will have to cut back on the number of feathers he wears in his hair. Sad sad sad.

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