Monday, November 26, 2007

Stuff this....

Oh Thanksgiving. What can I say. We went to the in laws. It was nice. The food was good. I made pies, 2 pumpkin, 1 apple. The sister-n-law was unimpressed. Apparently her skills at making Stove Top stuffing clearly surpass my homemade pies. She tasted a bit of the apple crust, make a crusty face and then said "Not worth the calories". Thanks, that was real real nice. Please keep the compliments coming.

Thursday night I went to the mall at midnight. Oh God, save us. I am never doing that again. At dinner it sounded like a fun idea, I mean I love to shop right ? Turns out ever 15 year-old and trailer park person were at the mall. And then like 50 people like me and Stuart who were dumb enough to go there. NEVER AGAIN.NO NO NO. We went shopping on Friday, wasn't so bad.

If yous girls aren't busy tommorow night I am going to be at an X96 mixer at Iggy's. It is a sweater mixer. I am not really sure if that means like super fug Christmas sweaters or what the deal is. Matt if you still have that nightie I might need to borrow it. I feel bad even asking because I know you are probably wearing it right now. Any way if you aren't sups biz come on over.

Miscellaneous news:

I decorated my Christmas tree, it looks real real nice.

I love Project Runway. Christian is a bitch and I like it. So far Victorya has made the same dress 2 times. What the hell.

I bought a round brush and it has literally cut my hair styling time in half. I pretty much don't even need a straightener any more. Except for my bangs. But I am convinced that I may developed carpal tunnel from all the wrist action.

X96 wants me to submit an audition track to fill in for Gina while she is busy having babies. I am unsure if that is what I want to do. I don't want to sound desperate you know. I have until Friday to decide if I want to do it or not. I am thinking about it. I think if they choo-choo-choose me I may win a trip to Hawaii. I dunno, I am thinking about it.
and last but not least....

Happy Birthday JANA!!


Janalu said...

Thanks for the shout out as they say. Do X96 and lets go to HI. PS I'm pretty sure that sister in law made hubby drive her to Albertson's to buy an apple pie so she could snarf it down in secret.

T said...

1. I need you to submit for X96 so I can listen to your voice every day and reminisce on our times breaking windows and killing fish!

2. Tell your sister in law to shut her pie hole and go hang out with my mom if she is going to cry!