Friday, January 25, 2008

Bunny Dearest....

So Wednesday I got Booker T. settled in his cage with his veggies, fruit and water so I could go to work. I think morning is his favorite time because he gets to pig out. Anyway, I went to work and went about my day per the usual. Well when I got home I went into Booker's bedroom to let him out and his freakin cage door was WIDE OPEN!! So I freaked out thinking that he probably went on some mad party poo cruise through the house, or chewed a mammoth hole in my carpet somewhere. But after extensive searching I was unable to find any damage. He is real real good. Real good.

But he is not allowed to gallivanting throughout our house unsupervised, because I am scared I will leave him alone and find him roasted and toasted in some corner because he chewed a lamp cord or something.

Maybe I need to have a DARE education course about cords.

This is your cat:

This is your cat chewing cords:

Any Questions ?

Here is Booker T. last night. He was cruisin like a maniac around the couches. He rested long enough to strike a fierce pose.

Look, sorry these photos don;t do him the justice his hot face deserves. Stuart took the camera to AZ so I have to get by with my cell phone camera. Poor quality at best.

In other news, I have another reason to love Anderson Cooper. He said he will not report on Heath Ledger's death until there are actual updates on the story. Here's what classy Andy had to say:
“For the last two nights we have reported on actor Heath Ledger. His shocking death is clearly a story a lot of people are interested in, but tonight we will not be reporting more on it. The truth is there is not really anything new to report.

The full results of the various tests done on Mr. Ledger will not be ready for perhaps a few weeks and there is very little new information. I have no doubt other networks will spend a lot of time tonight discussing his death and the various rumors about what might have caused it, but I am not a fan of speculation, so unless there is something really new to discuss we probably won’t be covering it anymore anytime soon.”

Anderson Cooper 360 Blog

Jana is getting here today! Yeah!

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Hair Goddess said...

I am sad I missed Jana...
And when the f do I get to met my bunny-nephew