Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Everythings great when you're DOWNTOWN

Not really. It was freezing cold Downtown. But I got to have luch at the Alta Club today. Something I have always wanted to do! Here is a photo journalistic emo photo.

I attended a Real Salt Lake Luncheon. It was interesting. Someone needs to become a member so we can hang out there. I think they have free coffee!!

Last night Booker was up until at least 12 AM. I am really regretting putting that bell collar on him. Maybe I should take it off at night. Geeze! Kids !

This weekend was uneventful. I went to Stuart's Grama's 80th Birthday party Saturday. It was ok, but as soon as I got there people were asking me 21 questions about Stuart. I was missing him a lot because it is hard to be around his family with out him there. I like being around his fam, but they remind me of him, so I get sad. So anyway, they were asking questions and I just burst out in tears,because I missed him. So turns out I am a 3 year old baby. It was quite embarrassing, but they were nice about it. Then we had soup and salad and they chatted about all the shenanigans that took place in their small town. Oh geeze, you oldies, I love ya.

I bought these boots on Sunday:
They make me feel better.

I am so sad about Heath Ledger. He was one of my first ever Hollywood crushes ! I have always been a sucker for long hair in a pony tail. Look at those gorgeous locks !!!! So sad!


Janalu said...

Ok I need to kick some Taylor ass or what. Don't they know your a sensative bitch, geeze. I like the new layout. Don't worry I will be ther this weekend and then you won't be lonley! PS why the hell would you put a bell on a rabbit I mean they jump..everywhere.

Jessica said...

Sometimes rabbits hide and they don;t always come when they are called. So you need a locater device.

Hair Goddess said...

Take bookers collar off at night... thats what we do with the poodle boys, because if not it sounds like Santa is right out the window... Lets get together this week