Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ring a ding ding ding to you as well

This is my good friend Leslie Hall. God Bless her for rescuing the endangered Gem sweater.

You guys, guess what's sad. I think I own that many Beanie Babies.

Tweedle Dee...

I just bought this adorable jewelry tree from Pottery Barn. Recently I've had an affinity for all things bird.

This goes well with a larger tree I purchased from Ikea.

It is a great way to organize my glamorous jewels, but still be able to see what I have. It makes decisions a lot easier when I can see everything spread out in front of me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One rabbit to rule them all......

I thought this was a joke, but not so. This giant plush rabbit is on a mountainside in Italy. I love it. It is so big you can see it on Google Sightseeing.


Whats with the horrified look on its face ?

Focus on Your Freakin Family !

So I went to a focus group for a local grocery store. I went for three reasons: 1. You got a $25 gift card 2. I think the store could use some work, who better to tell them than me right? 3. From a marketing prospective I was interested to see how they ran these groups and what information they obtained.

First I was curious as the the make up of this focus group. There were 8 women, 1 man. 5 of these women were over 40 with 5 or more kids, stay at home moms. 2 other girls were close to my age, but both had kids. I was the only person with no children. But I do suppose that is probably about right for their shoppers.

So they ask you to complete a survey and talk about what you like/don't like and so on. My main complaints were not enough selection of organic/vegetarian products and produce, and that the inside of the store looks old and busted. Everyone else complained that they don't "price match". I figured that complaint was logical. But then I was hit with a complaint that I literally had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. One woman said she prefers to shop at other stores because this particular chain of supermarkets, which is run and owned locally, is open on Sundays. She did not appreciate that and she chose to do the majority of her shopping at a store that is closed Sundays. You guys I almost died. So I thought, that is so funny! But it gets better. Miss "closed on Sunday" had another complaint. The magazines that are supposed to be covered, are in fact, NOT being covered ! GASP! She was so offended.

At this point I thought I was just going to burst out laughing because of how ridiculous this reasoning was. Then I realized, Im the person who uncovers the magazines!!! ha ha ha ha. I love it! Sorry I am bored in the check out and I want to read Cosmo's article about 36 was to please your man! ha ha ha.

I think that I was giving society to much credit. To think that you wont chop at a store because a magazine has a woman in a bikini on it ? PUH LEEEEZE! I'm going to start tossing the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues into carts of mothers everywhere! ha ha.

So I countered this uber conservative banter by mentioning that I really appreciate the large selection of beer and their everyday low price on these delicious alcoholic beverages! They were all offended and I really loved it.

Anyway, I enjoyed my gift certificate and they are putting in a salad bar soon. SATISFIED !

Stuart is coming home for the weekend! I am really excited. Booker needs a positive male role model in his life. I was thinking of enrolling him in Boy Scouts of America.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Flurries my ass.....

If I see the channel 5 weather guy, I'm going to punch him in his lying mouth. I am so completely sick of the damn snow. Yesterday was redamndiculous. It was warm and nice so I decided I'd drive Stuart's car to work, because his had gas and mine was fresh out. Well I should have known not to take it. I have a bad omen before leaving. When I hit the unlock button on the keys the car alarm started going off, in the garage, at 8 am. I am sure the neighbors were super happy. I couldn't get it to turn off, I pushed every button possible and even got in the car and started it. Still honking. You think those alarms are loud when you hear them from your bedroom ? Try having it honk you freakin face off in you enclosed echoing garage. So in desperation I called our friend Bub. He enlisted the help of some one at his office and after 20 tricks and 15 minutes, I got it turned off. Bad Morning.

Drive home.....worst ever. It took me and hour to go 5 miles. I got stuck on a hill on the way to our house in the middle of the road. I couldn't go anywhere.I, like 4 other cars in front of me, was stranded. So I did what any damsel in distress would do.... I turned on the flashers, called my husband, and cried. I called Kev and Kath to come rescue me. It was the worst. So I sat in the middle of the road, and waited. After about 23 minutes, of sitting, a good Samaritan in a cowboy truck helped me. He pushed my car up the road. And I was able to get going again. So I made it to our drive way and then got stuck again. At the end of the drive way. So then I had to shovel the damn thing. So it was a real pleasure.

Then this morning Booker T. had our bedroom carpet for breakfast. So that was super. He chewed the hell out of it. So we are going to have a talk when I get home.

Today is better. Stu sent me these:
Doesn't the busted cork board behind it make for a glorious back ground ?

Happy Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

If we had a dog....

It would look like this !

Honestly. Look at his cute face! I wanna Squeeeeeeeze it!
For more barfaliciously cute photos go to Cute Overload!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.

Not really. I lost $3. We went to Wendover on Saturday night. It was a real treat. If you like old people with oxygen tanks and truck stop hookers. Ha ha ha. We hit the Golden Nug. It is my favorite. I like how they have a limited number of neon lights, and it isn't pitch black. But I must say the solar system carpet in the other hotels is really fancy. I can see why people get addicted to gambling. I totally could.

I watched the Grammy's last night. Someone stop Amy Winehouse from being seen in public. If that is what she is like sober, I don't want to see her on the drugs. I did like her numerous shout out to Blaaaaake. "My Blake Incarcerated" I did notice that someone fixed her missing tooth. Thats an upgrade. It was her seizure dancing that got me though, it must have been the detox shakes.

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day cleaning the house and hanging out with Booker T. I did venture out to the grocery store for some the basics. You know, fudgecicles and frozen diet dinners. Cooking for one has lost its flare.

Booker is a rowdy rabbit. He is getting big. Lately his favorite thing is tissue paper. He will chew on it for hours.
Here he is lounging around, sometimes he real lazy !
But adorable none the less.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I saw two excellent Sundance movies last night at the Broadway. Both happened to be French. Turns out listening to those French tapes in my car for 2 weeks really didn't pay off. But, the subtitles were excellent.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.
It was a story about Jean-Dominique Bauby. He was the editor of Elle magazine who experienced a sudden cerebrovascular accident. Essential he was completely paralyzed. With the exception of his left eye. His condition is called "locked-in" syndrome. His brain functions completely normal, but he is unable to communicate. His speech therapist developed a system using the alphabet and blinks of his eye. She would read the alphabet in order of the most frequently used letters, he would think of what he wanted to say, she would recite the letters and he would indicate which letter by the blink of an eye. He wrote a book, which then became a movie. It was incredible! I loved it, even though it was very sad. It took as long as 5 hours to write a single paragraph. Here is the trailer, I highly recommend it.

Also wonderfully French, is a cartoon about a young womans life in Tehran, Iran from the late 1970's to the late 1990's. It is black and white animation, but was written so well. She tells her story of living in Iran as a little girl, moving to Vienna when the war intensified, and moving back to Iran in her early twenties. It disturbed me to see the regression of the country through the years. It in fact became more oppressive, to women especially, in the last 20 years. I really enjoyed it. The Iranian government tried to stop the film from being shown at several world film festivals, but was for the most part unsuccessful.
Here is the trailer:

I went to the movies with a friend from work who was meeting a friend of hers, who was also bringing a friend. Well her friends' friend (are you still with me ?) was a friend of mine ! We hung out a lot in college, but I hadn't seen him in a year or so. It was a funny reunion. Such a small world I suppose.

In other news, it snowed here again ! I am so tired of the snowing. I think that the weather knows that Stuart is gone and I am left to shovel on my drive way on my own. With a little help from my father in law who is nice enough to stop by every now and then and shovel anonymously.

I got Booker T's clicker training book. He is going to be on David Letterman before you even know it! I hope. I have to read the book first.

Also I am probably going to have to have surgery on my foot. My bones in on the outside of my right foot are separating, and causing a lot of pain. So the Dr. wants to shave down the bone (lovely I know) and fix it with a screw (even better right). I have a problem with the arches in my feet that are causing them to flatten and widen. It is really excellent.So I have to go back in two weeks for a check up. He said first he may try some cortisone injections into the joint. Either way I am super excited. If I have to have surgery, I will be in a cast for 6 weeks and won't be able to drive. Someone shoot me.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I've Oh Ted

Heck yes I did!I had to navigate through a tidal wave of skanky junior high school kids. They are gettin real technilogical like at the voting polls. You insert an electronic card into the side of the machine, then make your choice. Turns out that you can still vote for John Edwards, he was on the ballot.

The Proof is in the Pudding. (or stuck on my chest):

The Dem's are smart, I'm telling you. You can just was in and vote. The Republican's make you officially register with their party in order to vote. Listen, I am not one to commit. So Mitt will have to hope for other peoples votes. Seems like in Utah, he won't be hurting for votes. Hmmmmm.......

Booker was not very nice this morning. He was trying to help me decide what to wear and had a freak out. I don't know if he thinks I just have hideous clothes, or he just isn't in to fashion. But he tried to do a flying leap out of my arms. I sort of caught him, but them he tried to jump again. So after many catches and jumped and scratches, he finally landed on the floor. He is a Ca-raaaaaa-zy bunny. But I love his fur face.

Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm not eating your dog.

As I was sifting through some daily new stories, I can across this disgusting article. I am, to say the least horrified that people are 1) raising rabbits to be consumed for food and 2)that people are sick enough to eat them. Booker T.'s cousins ARE NOT YOUR DINNER! The picture in the article is what I find most offensive.