Thursday, February 14, 2008

Flurries my ass.....

If I see the channel 5 weather guy, I'm going to punch him in his lying mouth. I am so completely sick of the damn snow. Yesterday was redamndiculous. It was warm and nice so I decided I'd drive Stuart's car to work, because his had gas and mine was fresh out. Well I should have known not to take it. I have a bad omen before leaving. When I hit the unlock button on the keys the car alarm started going off, in the garage, at 8 am. I am sure the neighbors were super happy. I couldn't get it to turn off, I pushed every button possible and even got in the car and started it. Still honking. You think those alarms are loud when you hear them from your bedroom ? Try having it honk you freakin face off in you enclosed echoing garage. So in desperation I called our friend Bub. He enlisted the help of some one at his office and after 20 tricks and 15 minutes, I got it turned off. Bad Morning.

Drive home.....worst ever. It took me and hour to go 5 miles. I got stuck on a hill on the way to our house in the middle of the road. I couldn't go anywhere.I, like 4 other cars in front of me, was stranded. So I did what any damsel in distress would do.... I turned on the flashers, called my husband, and cried. I called Kev and Kath to come rescue me. It was the worst. So I sat in the middle of the road, and waited. After about 23 minutes, of sitting, a good Samaritan in a cowboy truck helped me. He pushed my car up the road. And I was able to get going again. So I made it to our drive way and then got stuck again. At the end of the drive way. So then I had to shovel the damn thing. So it was a real pleasure.

Then this morning Booker T. had our bedroom carpet for breakfast. So that was super. He chewed the hell out of it. So we are going to have a talk when I get home.

Today is better. Stu sent me these:
Doesn't the busted cork board behind it make for a glorious back ground ?

Happy Valentines Day


Janalu said...

Christ all mighty! Why didn't you call me! I didn't know you had such a bad day. Booker is going to poop fuzzy turds now. That was nice of Stuart to send you flowers.

T'Ann said...

Who took this picture it is amazing! I love it!

Hair Goddess said...

Very pretty flowers!!!