Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Focus on Your Freakin Family !

So I went to a focus group for a local grocery store. I went for three reasons: 1. You got a $25 gift card 2. I think the store could use some work, who better to tell them than me right? 3. From a marketing prospective I was interested to see how they ran these groups and what information they obtained.

First I was curious as the the make up of this focus group. There were 8 women, 1 man. 5 of these women were over 40 with 5 or more kids, stay at home moms. 2 other girls were close to my age, but both had kids. I was the only person with no children. But I do suppose that is probably about right for their shoppers.

So they ask you to complete a survey and talk about what you like/don't like and so on. My main complaints were not enough selection of organic/vegetarian products and produce, and that the inside of the store looks old and busted. Everyone else complained that they don't "price match". I figured that complaint was logical. But then I was hit with a complaint that I literally had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. One woman said she prefers to shop at other stores because this particular chain of supermarkets, which is run and owned locally, is open on Sundays. She did not appreciate that and she chose to do the majority of her shopping at a store that is closed Sundays. You guys I almost died. So I thought, that is so funny! But it gets better. Miss "closed on Sunday" had another complaint. The magazines that are supposed to be covered, are in fact, NOT being covered ! GASP! She was so offended.

At this point I thought I was just going to burst out laughing because of how ridiculous this reasoning was. Then I realized, Im the person who uncovers the magazines!!! ha ha ha ha. I love it! Sorry I am bored in the check out and I want to read Cosmo's article about 36 was to please your man! ha ha ha.

I think that I was giving society to much credit. To think that you wont chop at a store because a magazine has a woman in a bikini on it ? PUH LEEEEZE! I'm going to start tossing the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues into carts of mothers everywhere! ha ha.

So I countered this uber conservative banter by mentioning that I really appreciate the large selection of beer and their everyday low price on these delicious alcoholic beverages! They were all offended and I really loved it.

Anyway, I enjoyed my gift certificate and they are putting in a salad bar soon. SATISFIED !

Stuart is coming home for the weekend! I am really excited. Booker needs a positive male role model in his life. I was thinking of enrolling him in Boy Scouts of America.


Janalu said...

I would refrian from putting Booker in Boy Scounts unless you want him being "touched" by a male influence. Plus the uniforms are stupid and they use arrows that might kill him! I love that brought up the low low prices of booze in front of Mrs.Agianstitall. How funny. I bet the girls your age with kids were closet alchies and dying for a drink right then and there!

Hair Goddess said...

I Heard you can't enroll in the boy scouts these days unless you attend "church", so you may want to look into that

Don't You Know Who I Am said...

After the booze comment I would have added the lie ...... as a single mother just out of rehab you appreciate how cheap condoms are....... because the 12 pack is just not enough for the week!