Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I've Oh Ted

Heck yes I did!I had to navigate through a tidal wave of skanky junior high school kids. They are gettin real technilogical like at the voting polls. You insert an electronic card into the side of the machine, then make your choice. Turns out that you can still vote for John Edwards, he was on the ballot.

The Proof is in the Pudding. (or stuck on my chest):

The Dem's are smart, I'm telling you. You can just was in and vote. The Republican's make you officially register with their party in order to vote. Listen, I am not one to commit. So Mitt will have to hope for other peoples votes. Seems like in Utah, he won't be hurting for votes. Hmmmmm.......

Booker was not very nice this morning. He was trying to help me decide what to wear and had a freak out. I don't know if he thinks I just have hideous clothes, or he just isn't in to fashion. But he tried to do a flying leap out of my arms. I sort of caught him, but them he tried to jump again. So after many catches and jumped and scratches, he finally landed on the floor. He is a Ca-raaaaaa-zy bunny. But I love his fur face.

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