Monday, March 10, 2008

Peace Out Girl Scout!!!

Spring is here and so are those brats and their cookies. Just kidding. I love Girl Scouts. I was one, for about five minutes. I quit because our troop was poor. We had to make a sewing project, but we couldn't afford needles so they made us wrap the yarn with tape. Apparently we weren't very good at selling cookies.

Anyhow, to celebrate this momentus occasion I bought some of my favorites. Tagalongs, the delicious chocolate peanut butter tasties;Samoa's, I am a sucker for their cocoutty delicousness;Thin Mints, the classic of all Girl Scout cookies. Those kids made $10 bucks off me. Those Boy Scouts should quit tying knots and building fires and get in on this!! Cause Scout A Rama isn't edible.

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