Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gurgle Gurgle Spit.....repeat

That has pretty much been my routine for this afternoon. My super sore throat is ruining my life. It feels like a vice is griping my neck.I feel like CRAP!!!! I have been feeling sick the last few days but felt great last night so I though today would be better. WRONG! Today was the worst day yet! I was ok this morning, but at about 2 I just couldn't take it anymore. Thank goodness I have a super nice boss who lets me go home.

Yesterday I woke up with a fever and after talking to my mom decided to go to the Doc. Well after spending three hours at the InstaCare the doctor let me know I just have a "cold" and to drink fluids and rest.

As I was about to leave the Instacare the car wouldnt start!! I popped the hood to investigate, but couldn't get the latch to release. Thankfully a nice German couple helped me. I jiggled the battery cable and it started right up.

As of today I have completey lost my voice and I am refraining from speaking because it hurts to much.

I have spent most of the today in bed watching random daytime tv. But now Big Brother is on so at least I have something fun to watch and American Idol is also something to look forward to. Booker is not such a great bed side nurse. He would rather zip around the house than snuggle with me. Oh well, so goes the way of the bunn.

Only two more days until Leslie Hall!!!
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Lisa said...

I hope that you are starting to feel better today.

Hair Goddess said...

I think I now have what you had ... I am real excited a/b it

Just Kate said...

Sorry you have been sick lady! No good! Aren't you guys in Kearns? I could have rushed over to save you from your fainting spell! Um PS...Leslie Hall is hysterical!