Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Live the Lush Life

This post is especially for T'ann. One, because I knew immediately she would love this store and two, because she is probably bored at home and this will keep her occupied.

In San Francisco I found a store that is my new Mecca of skin care. Lush. It is a British company that makes fresh hand made cosmetics. All of which are organic. You can smell the different fragrances from a block away. The store reminds me of a farmers market of sorts. Everything is laid out for you to touch, smell, see. Instead of prepackaged items, a Lush rep will cut you off a piece of soap or jelly and wrap it in butcher paper or a small plastic container. Much like the service counter at the deli, but a thousand times better! It seems strange to purchase your cosmetics like you would a pound of turkey, but I loved it! I probably could have bought one of everything. I was really impressed with their facial line. I have really sensitive skin, prone to breakouts so I am usually really hesitant about using anything that isn't recommended by my dermatologist. But I thought I'd give Lush a try. The names of the products were excellent also. They have everything from Emperor of Ice Cream butter cream to Champagne Supernova bath bombs. You cant resist.

I bought the Tea Tree Water Toner

And the Imperialis moisturizer

I love what they have done for my skin. In just a few days it feels wonderful!!!! I decided not to get the cleanser and stick with my Cetaphil. But I think the combination of the three is changing my freakin life!!

Some of my other favorites are the Bubble Bars


Bath Bombs

Lush is Booker T. approved. They do not test on animals and are cruelty free. That makes Booker T. very happy.
As Kitty Kwan would say "Enjoy it!!!!"


Janalu said...

Matt liked his bath bomb that i gave him. It was for sore muscles and he felt real good after his bath. It fizzed like a maniac and smelled really good. I also love my new skin line.

Don't You Know Who I Am said...

I freakin love you! Organics....skin care...... animal safety!!!!! I give you an A+! I am going to have to get online and check it out! I appreciate you giving me something to do while I am in a drug coma!