Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nothing a Shot in the Butt Won't Fix

So I thought that Wednesday was the worst of this crazy zickness. Turns out it was just getting started. I went to bed Wednesday night with a fever and didnt really sleep well. I woke up at 5 am and hurried to the bathroom because I thought I was going to be sick. Next thing I know I wake up laying on my bedroom floor on top of a box. My fever was so high that I passed out and smashed Bookers favorite box with my big butt. Never having fainted before I was a little freaked out so I did what any 23 year old girl would do, call her mom. Thankfully she was able to some right down and take care of me. I was really sick all day long and finally at 4:30 was able to get to the doctor. Turns out I did have strep (SHOVE IT INSTACARE !! Thanks for nothing!)and the flu. the doctor gave me a penicillin shot in my butt. While she was injecting the medicine she flew into a wild coughing fit, which was really uncomfortable for me. I then proceeded to barf in the exam room trash can and be on my way.

The rest of Thursday is pretty much a blur. When you have a temperature of 103 you dont really have a grasp on reality. But today I am feelin much much better!


Hair Goddess said...

GOOD Hell! I'd be real nervous a/b someone having a coughing attack while giving me a shot in the ass!! Glad you are feeling better and good thing you had super dana to the rescue !
My regards to Bookers fav box

Janalu said...

Yeah for Dr. Dana

Don't You Know Who I Am said...

You and Ty should hang out....... he is sick and has hives!