Monday, April 14, 2008

24 never felt so old!

Ha ha . For some reason this year feels extra extra old. 24! Gheese. Then 25 ! My twenties are almost half over. My friends at work eased the pain with under the sea decorations. They are pretty professional.

LEts talk about the cake! My friend Ashley made me THE MOST ADORABLE cake I have ever gotten. Seriously. I love it. It totally tops the Barbie cake I got when I was 7. You know when your mom jams a barbies legs in the cake and then decorates the bottom to look like a ball gown. That was pretty sweet. This was even cooler!!

Stuart got me this adorable Colebrianza bag from Aldo. I love it. ( I would have posted a picture but the only one I could find was in adobe flash and I am not that professional at blogging. Can it!)

We went to Acme Burger Company on Friday with our friends Cham and Stefan. It was quite excellent. I'm not really a fan of red meat, but I really like the burgers. Its my kind of place. All the meat is organic and all the buns are freshly made at the restaurant. They have excellent margaritas. Cham and I both had two. Yum. Then we went back to thier house and hung out. Stefans suicidal fish jumped out of the tank,soared through the air and landed on the hardwood floor. Exciting!

Saturday we went shopping and then I went to some killer gay parties with my friends. I have decided that at said parties everyone likes to come up to you and yell in your face "Who are you?!" then depending on your answer they either love you or hate you. I mostly got loves. They like blonde's, so I fit right in. I took it upon my self to recruit people to drink in the tent that was setup in the back yard. It was marginally successful, but 100% fun.

Sunday Stuart helped me with my softball skills. According to him I dont suck as bad as he thought I would. I think that is a compliment. ha ha. Our first game is tonight so I will let you know how it goes!


Lisa said...

Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! You think 24is old, you should try THIRTY! I LOVE the cake!
How is the suicidal fish? Did he survive to try again someday?

Janalu said...

You play softball? When did thin happen, no fair. I want to be athletic like that. That is one perfessional cake. that is very cool. Youdidnt say anything about the Huka.

Don't You Know Who I Am said...

#1 Happy Birthday
#2 I love your new purse
#3 I didn't like Acme Burger Co. for some reason?
#4 It seems like all fish try to kill themselves in your presence.
#5 That is an awesome cake! Your birthday was way better than any of the collections birthdays put together!