Tuesday, April 29, 2008

6 Funky Fresh Facts

T'Ann aka T'apple tagged me to do this so I guess I will. But this is the only one that I am doing.So don't start sending me 37 of these !

1. I hate HATE baby corn. I will not eat it. It is unnatural and freaky.

2.I have never been to the hospital, except to visit others. Which if you know me at all is a pretty big deal considering how accident prone I am.

3. Continuing with the food idea, pretty much the only things I refuse to eat are lamb and veal. They are just too cute to be eaten. I will devour an ugly chicken any day of the week but I'm pretty sure the world needs more lambs.

4. The longest my toenails have gone unpainted is 4 days. Feet are too ugly not to have some polish on those vehicles.

5. I love Lawn Gnomes. They are magical! I have one at home for good luck and another on my desk. Don't cross a gnome. They will mess you up. No joking.

6.This one time I was on the radio. It was pretty sweet. I'd probably do it again. Kerry. Bill and Gina were probably three of the most interesting people you will ever meet. And they are way nicer in person. Especially if they like you.


Janalu said...

I met them in person and they were not. But Richie was awsome at everything. Is he still single? nevermind.

Just Kate said...

Um..hi...I work at a company that sells foreclosure houses for banks. Basically I boss real estate agents around to sell houses...I set the list prices, and negotiate the sell etc. It's a great job, and I am super lucky to have landed it!