Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Break My Heart !

That American Idol really knows where to hit ya. They got my money. How could I not donate! All those little kids! Even Simon was nice. I really feel like they are doing great things. So I was glad to give.

I think what really gets me is the fact that it costs so little to change lives and yet people are still suffering. But Brad Pitt was like "gimme some of your money" and I was like "Do you take Amex?" Turns out they do. Turns out Brad is hot. What can you do.

Give generously! Idol Gives Back


Anonymous said...

I am soo glad to know that you have a giving nature my dear daughter, even if it takes some steam from Bradhottie MicPitterson to pry it outta you. I am also glad that you got Booker-She the sex change and that you have such an open mind when it comes to diversty.Gawd, dont "children" just test ya every day? LOLove
your Ma

Lisa said...

Good for you Jess!