Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I rule at sofball

Not really, but we did win our game.I'm not like a super kick ass manly softball player like those chicks on TV. I mean I have a pink glove, I am a lady! But I did get a little dirty and even have a bruise. I slid to second base. Well I thought I slid, Stuart described it more of a body slam. But I'm sure it was pretty professional. We kicked ass. We won 16 to 6. I think it would have been 16 to 0 but we got a little lazy in the last inning.


Anonymous said...

Oh I yearned for a little jock when you girls were at home! I would have been the loudest rooter in the crowd, but those crappy AYSO soccer moms ruind you both for team sports! AND if you like tose fruity Jelly beans so much transform those flavors into REAL fruits, you nut! LOL MOM

Lisa said...

Dude, your 24, and your mom is still telling you to eat your fruit??!!

BTW the Word verification for this comment is udorc (you dork - ha ha ha ha). Not really that funny, but a little.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god I pretty much love your blog I've never laughed so hard in my life. SOrry I would write something longer but ya see I have to run to class cause it's the last day!
Ps I have like a week off before summer semester starts lets get tanked.
Ok Thank you for you time
Ms. Tiffany Marie Passey