Monday, April 28, 2008

Ikea Ideas...

We finally feel like our bedroom is finished! WE painted it a few weeks ago, and after serious deliberation we purchased a bedroom set from Ikea. Its the famous MALM. I think Malm translates as "Decorate your bedroom for $500 or less." Some reviews say that Ikea stuff is not very sturdy, I figure if it breaks in 5 years we will just buy another one. What the hell. I would rather have something I like now and won't feel guilty getting rid of when we want to change.
Our room consists of the following Ikeaness:


Side Tables:




We also added some simple hardware to the drawer fronts to give it a different look. Stuart was nice enought o put everything together. We don't assemble furniture together. Once we tried to build a desk, we almost broke up. Never again.

Here are some pictures I took, so you get the full effect. Turns out Im not a professional photographer. Deal with it.


Lisa said...

I think you are ready to be a decorator on Trading Spaces! It looks very nice, I'm jealous!

Just Kate said...

REALLY REALLY cute room! You can come do mine next please!

Hair Goddess said...

Bedroom looks great with you fabulous paint job!