Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Party at the Huka

Saturday night was a smokin good time at the Huka! (shut up, that is funny!) Tiffany, Britta and I are lucky enough to have birthdays within the same week. Blessed are we! Ha ha. Our friend Aimee was nice enough to reserve us the Zen Bar at the Huka. Good times, Good times.

Since I'm so professional at parties I totally forget to bring my camera. Here are a few photo highlights from the evening.

Happy Birthday to us!

Tiffany and Aimee

I can't beeeee leeeeeve she is drinking through a straw !!!!!

Friday night was also fun. Jake, Scott, Brett, Toma nd I went to Aristo's for dinner. Probably one of the best meals I have ever had. The food was amazing!!!! I highly recommend the Chicken ala Aristo. It is flash fried and stuffed with feta cheese and spinach over a bed of lemon rice. The Greek coffee was also delicious. If you go with Jake he can tell your fortune in the grounds at the bottom. What the hell ever. He just makes it up!

After dinner we went to Brett's to hang out for a while. Soon after arriving a strange mix of people began showing up. My personal favorite was Larry. What a gem. He looked like he hadn't showered in a week and I'm 100 percent sure we was on major drugs. But entertaining none the less. The highlight of the evening was when PReston pants Larry. Thats what you get for wearing basketball shorts to a party.

Good times! Thanks to everyone for a great birthday.

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Hair Goddess said...

100% sad I missed this party... but glad you guys had an awesome time !