Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sad Bunny!

Booker T has growled at me for the last time. No! He isn't dead. Calm down! Do you think I would really be able to blog if my pet bunny up and died! God! No no no. Booker T got fixed today. This will tame those raging bunny hormones and he can relax!

Turns out that Booker T is a Booker SHE!! Oh well. I still love him no matter who he is. She gets to come home this afternoon, so hopefully she will be back to her old self in no time. Sans the growling and aggressiveness. She is also getting a bunny pedicure because the nails were long! And they can scratch and dig!

In lieu if flowers please send carrot bunches to our home address.



Lisa said...

I don't get it, is Booket T a she because he lost his man parts? Or have you been screwing with his gender and he has ALWAYS been a she? Either way, I think he is going to need MAJOR therapy!

Jessica said...

He is in fact and has always been a she. However, because they are all furry down there, I didn't know that he was a she and I was calling him a he. Booker is a she because she was born a she and has had her lady parts removed. So in short, he was born a she and I thought he was a he, but he is in fact a she.

Lisa said...

Thanks for clearing that up! Now, how about a name change to reflect her femininity? Bookelle, Bookette, Bookaray, Bookerella????