Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Some people like this sort of thing ?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Carrie and Big, A Theory.

Over lunch the other day my boss and I got to chatting about Sex and The City the movie. She brought up an interesting theory: Mr. Big dies. At first I was aghast! They wouldn't!!! Would they ? They might. After further discussion I find that this is quite a plausible theory. The trailer makes its seem as though Big left her at the alter. But why then would she drop her phone ? (speaking of phones, if they are so fancy NYC why is she on a Motorola Razr ??). There's so much drama! Smith and Samantha, Miranda and Steve (did he cheat ? How could he! After she moved to Brooklyn for him. BROOKLYN!)And Charlotte is having a baby. Nothing bad better happen to the baby. The woman has waited this long, give the damn baby !!!! I can't even wait!

One thing I do know: This is a calamity.

Source: The Star Ledger

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yeah. That just happened.

This shit is real !

The 7.5-foot slippers are each powered with a 36-volt system that uses six YellowTop 12-volt optimas. The two front wheels are driven by a 7-inch brushed DC motor from Advanced DC motors. There is a welded steel and plywood frame, covered with pink flokapi rugs that were sourced from Hollywood Love Rugs. Let's hope they weren't second-hand, eh? There is a caster wheel at the back for steering (apparently only fork-lift trucks use this system) and the driver sits on a tractor seat. Top speed is 15 mph.

Source: Gizmodo

Who wants a Segway when you can have a fuzzy bunny slipper. I can feel the wind in my hair already.

Vitamins make me yack.

Literally. One morning on the way to work I had to pull over on the 215 and yack up my delicious egg sandwich. That said, I now take liquid vitamins. So when I found out about Activate Drinks I was pretty stoked. Turns out vitamins can deteriorate while sitting in water so drinks like VitaminWater aren't that great. not to mention a boat load of sugar and calories.

Activate Drinks have a little chamber under the cap that hold the vitamin powder. When the cap is turn the pouch is broken and the vitamins are realeased intot he water. All you do is shake and drink.

Here's how it works:

Currently only available in Southern California, I'm sure they'll reach UTah by 2022. I'll keep my eye out for them when we got to Vegas next month.

Honestly. Who couldn't love this face ?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So Profesh!

A few weeks ago we were shooting some stuff for commercials and web content. During a break I tested my skills at the news desk.

Eat your heart out Regis and Kelly !!!!

Les-Beans and Drag Queens

Last weekend I attended a fund raiser for my friend's softball team. And where better to hold an adult women's softball fund raiser than.....the local lesbian watering hole!!! Hello Paper Moon! Good times. I was excited to go because last year there were several fights over different lovas. This year was great. There was a super fun drag show. I love lip synching.

I have found out two things. 1) Drag queens really like slow songs. 2) Non-drag kings love country songs.

I won a bog of Starbucks coffee beans in the raffle. I dubbed them Lesbeans. I'm sure they are delish.

And, of course, I made a friend:

That my friends is Bud Light, done right.