Thursday, May 15, 2008

Carrie and Big, A Theory.

Over lunch the other day my boss and I got to chatting about Sex and The City the movie. She brought up an interesting theory: Mr. Big dies. At first I was aghast! They wouldn't!!! Would they ? They might. After further discussion I find that this is quite a plausible theory. The trailer makes its seem as though Big left her at the alter. But why then would she drop her phone ? (speaking of phones, if they are so fancy NYC why is she on a Motorola Razr ??). There's so much drama! Smith and Samantha, Miranda and Steve (did he cheat ? How could he! After she moved to Brooklyn for him. BROOKLYN!)And Charlotte is having a baby. Nothing bad better happen to the baby. The woman has waited this long, give the damn baby !!!! I can't even wait!

One thing I do know: This is a calamity.

Source: The Star Ledger


Hair Goddess said...

o my hell... what if Big dies! I cant even wait

Janalu said...

Just so you know I will never see this movie so don't even ask me about what I think.