Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Les-Beans and Drag Queens

Last weekend I attended a fund raiser for my friend's softball team. And where better to hold an adult women's softball fund raiser than.....the local lesbian watering hole!!! Hello Paper Moon! Good times. I was excited to go because last year there were several fights over different lovas. This year was great. There was a super fun drag show. I love lip synching.

I have found out two things. 1) Drag queens really like slow songs. 2) Non-drag kings love country songs.

I won a bog of Starbucks coffee beans in the raffle. I dubbed them Lesbeans. I'm sure they are delish.

And, of course, I made a friend:

That my friends is Bud Light, done right.


Janalu said...

That chick looks ripped! She might just bust ya in that face. Look out!

Lisa said...

Who doesn't love a good cupa home-brewed Lesbeans?