Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sometimes I get real pissed....

Seriously. I do. I feel like it is really my own fault. Katchie could probably agree with me on this, but I get so angry when I read KSL Classifieds or Craigslist posting for pets. Does no one think ahead or do research before purchasing/adopting a pet ?

I'm just so irritated by people who get a pet and then 3 months later are getting rid of it because "I'm moving and I can't take my pet" or "We don't give he/she the attention they deserve." Seriously. That is totally irresponsible! If you are not in a stable place in your life you should not have a pet. If you can't give that pet the love and attention it deserves you should not have a pet.

If you want to be a responsible pet owner do your research prior to purchasing. Know what your animal needs to live a healthy happy life. Think about what your future plans entail before adopting a pet.

I just had to get that out there. Mostly because when I see those cute little cuddle faces on those posting I just want to adopt them all.

Sorry about the ranting and raving, I was just fed up. (I've also been watching a lot of Animal Police on Animal Planet.) Sometimes I get real pissed.

Save a life. Adopt a pet!
Here are a list of local adoption agencies/rescues that have animals who need homes:
Best Friends
Utah Human Society
Ching Farm Rescue and Sanctuary
Pet Samaritan Fund
Utah Rabbit Rescue
Click here for a complete listing of Animal Rescues in Utah.

As for me, I will try to refrain from checking those postings until we are able to have another pet. Sorry for bitchin'


Janalu said...

I think Matt would agree. That's why he is constantly asking and planning for the next cat in our lives. Like we can even support another one.

Lisa said...

I am with you on this one, Jess! It makes me sick too. Although, I do have to say, I'd rather see someone trying to find a new good home for their pet than neglecting, abusing or puting it to sleep. A best friend of mine, recently put her 10 year old dog to sleep because they weren't giving it enough attention and nobody on craig's list wanted her. That pretty much pissed me off! Had I known her plan, I would have taken the dog.

Lisa said...

BTW Jana, I never would have thought Matt would turn out to be such a cat person! He used to bug the crap out of me every time he touched our cat growing up. He'd always squeeze a little too hard or hold him all awkward... anyway. I guess he is a little different at 25 than he was at 5! That's probably a good thing :)

Hair Goddess said...

AMEN! and don't worry sometimes i get real pissed too...